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Cogo4Android is a coordinate geometry (cogo) program for tablet pcs and smartphones that run the Android OS It is patterned after QuickCogo, the desktop version and the other 2 handheld versions (palmcogo and mobilecogo). The software was written using Basic4Android and tested on several android tablets, including Coby, Nexus 7, Toshiba Thrive, Archos Arnova 7 G2 and Kindle Fire. It was also tested on a Cricket smartphone. It will work on any device running Android 1.6 and above.

How it works

The program offers many separate cogo routines containing solutions to most of the common problems surveyors confront daily. The various routines work interactively because they share the data files created by each other. For example, the same points and coordinates created with the bearing-distance routine can then be used in the stakeout or any other routine. The interface is similar to my other versions where the user works from a menu of buttons, each of which contains a link to a particular cogo procedure related to a specific problem. Points with their associated data are maintained in files either created within the software or transferred from external sources like another surveying software program. These files are stored internally on your device or on an sd card in the device. Many of the routines permit creating an additional file containing your inputted data together with the results. This information can later be transferred to your computer for further manipulation, including printing. Since screen size is a limiting factor, this application is intended to complement your existing cogo software but not replace it. As tablets and smartphones are improved.and expanded, this type of program becomes an excellent and convenient choice for field and away-from-office calculations.

Free Evaluation Version

There is a free evaluation version for a phone size device only but it may also be used effectively on a 7″ or 10″ tablet for evaluating. Although the evaluation version may not be suited for meaningful tasks it will demonstrate how the software works so you may assess its usefulness for you. It is fully interactive but has the limitation of accepting input of only whole numbers (no decimals) for lengths, distances and coordinates. There are no restrictions in the purchased version. Click Android Device Evaluation to obtain the zip file containing the APK file for the evaluation, together with the user manual in both ‘doc’ and ‘pdf’ formats.

Purchasers will receive all 3 sizes (phone, 7″ tablet and 10″ tablet) at no additional cost.

If you only want to read through the manual, you may download it in ‘doc’ format here Cogo4Android Manual.
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The cost for this software is $24
To purchase go to THIS LINK

These are the routines currently available in the program

  • Angle or azimuth and distance traverse with closure information
  • Find angles between intersecting lines
  • Area of a closed figure
  • Bearing or azimuth and distance traverse
  • Inverse between point numbers
  • Inverse between coordinates not defined by points
  • Cul-de-sac calculations
  • Curve calculations given 2 known elements
  • Curve inverse between points on a curve
  • Ability to delete selected or all points or an entire file
  • Edit the database
  • Grades for stations along known slope
  • Transfer databases between device and PC
  • Input data for points and coordinates
  • Calculate points of intersection for line-line,line-curve and distance-distance problems
  • Another line-line routine for intersecting any 2 lines defined by point numbers
  • List points and their data
  • Layout points on a known line from another set up
  • Map check routine for determining closure and area of a parcel
  • Multi-inversing for a group of points displaying bearings/azimuths and distances
  • Offset routines for perpendicular and parallel lines
  • A simple plotting routine to see the configuration of the figure defined by points and lines
  • Radial routine for locating many points by angle/azimuth and distance with vertical angle if necessary
  • Resection routine for finding the location of a point using 3 known points and 2 angles
  • A reverse offset routine that allows setting the offset distance from a line
  • A road curve procedure which finds the curve information both sides of a road where the p.i. is known
  • Rotate points by difference in bearings
  • Stake out points from an occupied point sighting another, turning angles or to an azimuth and measuring distances
  • Change coordinates by a specific amount (translate)
  • Calculate elevations for a vertical curve
  • Find the radius and the location of the radius point given 3 points on a curve
  • Many of the routines have the ability to produce a text file that can be transferred to a computer for printing.
  • The user manual in text format can be found by tapping the “Manual” button on the Home screen

I will continue to improve the software based upon your feedback. Please contact me quickly if there is a problem with any of the routines and I will try to correct them immediately. The manual has installation instructions and details about each of the routines. I suggest you read through them before using the program. Please report your experience if things don’t work as expected. Thank you.