Answers to Questions

This page may be useful for both new and return visitors. Hopefully, some of the information herein will help in evaluating a QuickCogo product or allow existing users obtain answers to lingering questions. The following are answers to real questions asked by existing and prospective users in the past few years. I will add to this page when questions useful for all become available. Please contact me with yours. For simplicity,QuickCogo refers to the desktop version and Mobile refers to the Palm, Pocket PC, Phone or Tablet versions.

I am skeptical of software or anything else priced too low. Why is yours so cheap? 
I prefer to use “inexpensive” or “affordable” because QuickCogo is definitely not “cheap” software. It is a quality product developed for those who don’t need sophisticated and expensive programs to do the everyday tasks a surveyor faces. I wanted it to be affordable for the student, the educator, the new surveyor or engineer or as the primary or supplementary software for professional companies. My former company has used this program successfully for many years. This may be one of those cases where the customer gets “more” than he pays for. Try the evaluation version and decide for yourself as have over a thousand other users.
Why are you using PayPal now rather than accepting credit cards like you did previously?
The credit card fees were raised and I felt the responsibility was too risky for handling credit card numbers. PayPal takes that risk away, is less expensive and most convenient for my type of operation. I only pay fees on actual sales whereas the credit card companies charged a monthly fee whether or not there was a sale.
I can’t find the QuickCogo manual you said was included with the program. Where is it?
During installation the doc format of the manual was placed in the same folder as the program files. If you installed to the default folder look in “C:\Program Files\QuickCogo” or “C:\Quickcogo” to find qcmanual.doc. The Adobe (pdf) version is a separate link in the message accompanying the download or appears separately on the CD. There is also ‘Help’ within the program.
Why am I no longer able to directly download the most recent QuickCogo program file (update) from your update site?
Unfortunately I allowed a couple of users to obtain the program fraudulently and I don’t want to also provide them with free updates. Until I figure out a better system please continue to request them from me via email to which I respond promptly.
Are there plans to add contouring to QuickCogo?
I have taken a look at it and determined that using QuickCogo’s dxf feature with a CAD program and interpolating between points is as useful as I could do with coding. For small areas, I have used a printer plot from the Interactive Plot routine and free handed the contours since the elevation of the points can be displayed. For large areas, the printer plot would not be practical.
Which Pocket PC’s and Palm devices are compatible with your software?
Palm and pocket pc devices are becoming obsolete but if you still have or can get one, there are many compatible models. My program was designed for those with the ARM processor using PPC 2002 but I have also made it compatible with Mobile 2003 devices by including a separate “runtime”. I also have versions for other devices with different processors. Please let me know which processor yours uses or give me the model number of your device and I will try to find out that information. The software for the Palm accommodates all devices that have an OS of at least 3.1, including those with OS 5.x but I don’t recommend anything under 8 MB of installed memory. When in doubt, download the evaluation version. If it installs and is operable on your device, it is compatible. I have now developed MobileCogo with a different software that accommodates Mobile 6 devices and most before then. If the evaluation works on your device so will the production version. Check out the website for information about versions for phones and tablets
Will your mobile programs connect directly with surveying instruments for data collection, etc?
No. I have explored this possibility but don’t have access to the necessary instruments for testing. Cabling is a major issue since connections for both ends (sending and receiving units) must be customized. I am not aware of any Palm or Pocket PC device software compatible with data collectors. If exporting the info as ascii from a data collector and then importing it into the mobile device would suffice, my software should be adequate.
Anything on the drawing board to add greater capabilities to QuickCogo’s plotting routines? 
Although QuickCogo was originally intended to be only a number cruncher and problem solver, I added the ability to make scaled plots to the system printer from several of the cogo routines. Cad programming is complex and beyond my expertise. I considered out-sourcing but I would lose control for support and the program’s cost would have to be significantly higher. In the early stages of development I decided that finished mapping with professional results could best be obtained by combining QuickCogo and its dxf capability (now able to transfer lines with annotation) with an affordable and capable CAD program like AutoCad Lt. My former company exclusively uses this method and creates some exceptional maps using a very effective system of computing points and immediately transferring them via dxf. Still, the on-board routines can do quite a bit. I am able to plot a fairly complex scaled map with multiple curves using QuickCogo’s Interactive plot routine. That routine and others have been recently improved. Although the other plotting routines (except Lotplot) have no annotation except point numbers, they are capable of producing well scaled 8.5 x 11 drawings for tracing or planning use. Contact me if you need help making a drawing.
Other cogo programs use a decimal after degrees when entering bearings, azimuths or angles, but yours has everything running together. Any reason for that?
Although this was QuickCogo’s method since the early DOS version, I have now added the capability of accepting other options. Users now have the choice of a decimal after degrees and/or directional prefixes. For example, to enter a bearing of N45°;23’E, the following options are acceptable: 14523, 145.23, n4523e, n45.23e, ne4523 or ne45.23. The only exception would be when decimals of seconds are required. In that case only the quadrant and non-punctuated method may be used.
I have found some minor differences between the on-board help and the manual. Which should I use?
Occasionally I will forget to update “Help” in the program. You should rely upon the most recent manual which can be downloaded from the update site.
Does the evaluation version have everything the final version has with the exception of its “whole numbers only” restriction?
NO. The evaluation version is intended solely to give the evaluator a sense of how the software works and assess its potential for them. It is not intended to perform meaningful tasks although a user can easily see how a job would have been done had there been no restrictons. There are several routines and features not included but the others have essentially the same things as the final version. New cogo routines and features are added to the final version first and may not get to the evaluation version in a timely manner or there may not be a practical way to restrict their use. An evaluator can learn how the non-included stuff works by reviewing the manual included in the download (contact me for the most recent). Alternatively, the program could be purchased and the 30 day money back guarantee period be used for evaluating.
I can’t find the files I extracted after the download for my Pocket PC. What happened to them?
Generally, this happens when you don’t observe to which folder the files will be unzipped. By default they will go into some folder in the Windows directory. Be sure you enter the name of a folder you will recognize and can easily retrieve. QuickCogo’s download file has an automatic installation feature.
What is your upgrade policy and how does it work?
Please go HERE for your answer.
Is there a “multiple” license discount?
Yes, but it varies depending upon the number of licenses and other circumstances. There is also a “student discount” for those enrolled in surveying or engineering classes. The normal “additional license” cost is one-half of the original price so long as the original owner is the purchaser. This price applies regardless of when other licenses are purchased. Contact me and we can negotiate a cost.
If several in my company have a mobile device, is there a discount for multiple users.
Only if the devices are owned by the same entity, like the company. Individual owners would be expected to purchase the software at its full price but I can be flexible depending upon the numbers.
What is your return policy and how does that work if I downloaded the program?
After purchase, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee and even that has some flexibility. I don’t want you to pay for something you can’t use. However, I would appreciate the opportunity to fix whatever it is that caused your request. If a refund becomes necessary, I will rely upon your integrity as a professional to remove the program from your computer. I deal honestly with my users and expect the same in return. If you received the program on a CD, I will refund (through PayPal) everything except the charge for the CD. Incidentally, there have been only 3 returns in the past 9 years, one of which was purchased back a month later.
How far will you go in customizing the software for free?
Normally I do not charge for customizations if the changes will benefit all and can be included in the next update. If the customization is so specialized that I have to alter the program’s structure or re-write it, then I will negotiate a fee for the change. In all cases, the program must be purchased prior to customizing. I then work with the user until satisfaction is achieved.
What are the requirements for an additional license? I have a desktop and a laptop and want to put the program on both. Do I need an additional license?
If you are the sole user of both computers, you do not need another license. However, if someone else routinely uses the program on one of your computers at the same time as you, then another license would be required.
What about support? I am not very computer savvy but I understand cogo.
Everybody has to start somewhere. The simplest way to deal with your situation is to talk you through things on the phone while you are at your computer. It usually doesn’t take very long for you to get up to speed and continue on your own although I remain only a call away. For those more experienced, email is the preferred way. I can detail my answers after thinking them through and we can exchange files that apply to the problem, if necessary. I respond immediately to all emails requesting support and stay with it until resolved. You will not find better support anywhere.
I lost your program when my computer crashed. How can I replace it?
Please go HERE for your answer.
Will your program convert a raw data collector file for use in closing a traverse, etc.?
There are various formats of data collector files but no generic routine that automatically converts them. I would have to customize yours by massaging it to produce files usable in QuickCogo. If you will send me a printout from your data collector, I can assess what has to be done prior to your purchase. If feasible, I will begin the customization after the purchase but there will be additional costs involved.
I am a new user of your program and would like to have alpha-numeric points. Is that a reasonable customization?
The structure of the program would have to undergo a MAJOR overhaul, almost like starting over and is not feasible. However there are work-arounds that can be used. Contact me for details.
I see where “android” devices are becoming popular. Do you have a version for them.?
I’m glad you asked. Here on the website are details about a new version for android phones and tablets. Go HERE There is now also a version for the iphone, ipad and ipod touch. A link is on the home page.

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