iOS Version (most devices)

iphone, ipad, ipod touch, blackberry, kindle fire, webos devices and others


This is a simple and convenient coordinate geometry (cogo) application for devices like smartphones and tablets at a very affordable price. It can be used in the office, field, at home or anywhere you need to make survey related calculations. Having it on your phone means just one more device you don’t need to carry. And, it can also be run from your desktop computer with the Chrome or Safari browser.

How it works

It is a web based application that runs on the browsers of devices compatible with Apple’s iiOS, Google’s android, HP’s webos, blackberry’s os, Kindle Fire and others. Among the devices or emulators on which it has been tested include the iphone, ipad, ipod touch, toshiba thrive, coby kyos, blackberry, kindle fire and palm pre. I am confident it will also work on other devices where the internet can be accessed. The application is patterned after QuickCogo, the developer’s desktop version and the other handheld versions. It also looks very much like the “cogo4android” application found on this website. The software was written using NSBasic/App Studio. The application requires the internet for installation but then may be saved to the home screen and run thereafter without the internet. Other methods of installation may also be available if the internet is not possible.

What it does

The application offers many separate cogo routines containing solutions to the common problems surveyors confront daily. The various routines work interactively because they share the same database. For example, the same points and coordinates created with the bearing-distance routine can then be used in the stakeout or offset routines. The interface is similar to other versions where the user works from a menu of buttons, as shown at the left, each of which contains a link to a particular cogo procedure. Another version has also been developed as described below that uses a different interface. Points with their data are maintained in a persistent storage area created within the software.

Various Sizes

There is a separate version for each of the 3 screen sizes (phone, 7″ and 10″ tablets). The evaluation version was designed for the phone size only but may also be effectively used for evaluating on the larger screens even though the images will appear smaller. Although this application will accommodate many android devices, I suggest looking at “cogo4android” within this website for a similar application designed specifically for that OS.
The screen shot hereon represents the menu as it appears on the tablet screens but is divided into 2 pages for the phone size..

Free Evaluation Version

The evaluation version is fully interactive but is limited to using only whole numbers (no decimals) for input into those cogo routines requiring distances, lengths and coordinates. Nevertheless, it will act upon your input and display results accordingly. You will have no problem understanding how the application works and be able to assess its value for you. There are no restrictions in the purchased version. To install the evaluation, connect to wifi, then simply open the browser on your device and enter into the address bar (not a search area) or and touch ‘Go” or however you open it on yours. Generally you may skip everything before “nsbapp… OR “dl…” but I included it just in case. After installation, the application may then be saved to the home screen on most devices and subsequently opened from there.

CAUTION: It has been reported that the buttons on some iphones are unresponsive to finger taps when installed from the “…” url but the problem goes away if installed from the dropbox url. Please try both.

Alternate Version

A second version with a different interface works from a drop down menu and runs all routines from the same screen. Try them both and select the one that best fits your needs. Purchasers should indicate “Alternate” as instructions to the merchant when making an order. The URL for this version’s evaluation is<span “”” wgmdptcogo”.=”” <=”” span=””>

The manual is found here 2nd Version

Use on desktop computer

If you don’t have a device yet and just want to check out the application, it may also be opened and run on your desktop computer if you are using Chrome or Safari for your browser. Simply enter the same URL as given above. For a low cost desktop program, take a look at simpleCOGO HERE . MAC USERS…this application will also work on your mac desktop computer using your safari browser.

IMPORTANT: Please download and review the instruction manual for information about the application and how it operates. You may download the pdf version Here OR the document format Here

NOTE: As an alternative, there are PDF and POWERPOINT slide presentations to acquaint you with the application. You may view the PDF HERE or the POWERPOINT HERE

Please Email Me or call 801-254-7181 if there are questions or to make suggestions how the application may be improved.
The price is $24
To purchase go to This Link
Purchasers will receive all 3 sizes at no additional charge with the understanding that they will be the only users.

These are the routines and features currently available in the application:


  • Angle-Dist traverse with closure
  • Find angles between intersecting lines
  • Area of a closed figure
  • Bearing/azimuth traverse
  • Inverse between 2 points
  • Inverse between coordinates not defined by points
  • Inverses between a group of points
  • Inverse between points on a curve. Displays the curve information between the points
  • Curve calculations given 2 known elements of the curve
  • Delete selected or all points in the database
  • Elevations for stations along a known slope
  • Email results of calculations for printing or saving on your computer
  • Export data via email from the device
  • Geodetic solutions for latitude/longitude (3rd party)
    (not in evaluation)
  • Import databases from external sources
  • Input points and their data
  • Calculate points of intersection for line-line,line-curve and distance-distance problems
  • A separate line-line routine for intersecting any 2 lines defined by point numbers
  • List points and their data
  • Layout points on a known line from another set up
  • Map check routine for determining closure and area of a parcel
  • Offset routines for perpendicular and parallel lines
  • Online scientific calculator (3rd party) with unit conversions
  • Plot routine for displaying configuration of all or selected points
  • Radial routine for locating many points by angle-distance. Great for ALTA surveys.
  • Resection routine for finding the location of a point using 3 known points and 2 angles
  • A reverse offset routine that allows setting the offset distance from a line
  • A road curve procedure which finds the curve information both sides of a road where the p.i. is known
  • Rotate lines by applying an angle to all bearings
  • Stakeout routine that computes the angles and distances to known points from other known points
  • Triangle solutions (3rd party)
    (not in evaluation)
  • Change all coordinates by a specific value
  • Calculate elevations for a vertical curve
  • Find the radius and the location of the radius point given 3 points on a curve
  • Distance, length and area conversions
    (not in evaluation)
  • User manual accessible within application
  • Other useful links accessible within the application (not in evaluation)You might also want to check out QuickCogo, the desktop version from which the routines in this application originated. I will continue to improve this software based upon your feedback. Please contact me if there are problems with any of the routines and I will correct them immediately. Please review the manual for details about how each routine works. Thank you for trying it.