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Name: C. James (Jim) Schuchert 
Address: 2217 W. Pheasant Bend Circle, South Jordan, Utah 84095 
Phone: 801-254-7181 Cell:801-462-6882 or 801-810-8544 Fax: 208-361-9418 
Email: [email protected]
Web Site:
Professional: Retired Land Surveyor formerly licensed in Utah, Idaho and Arizona

I grew up in Southern Texas, served 4 years in the Navy as a radarman and began my professional surveying career when I was licensed in Utah. Subsequently I managed the surveying department of a medium sized engineering and surveying firm until they were bought by a national firm (DMJM). I purchased the surveying business from the new firm and started my own company, Schuchert & Associates. We used Holguin software with the Wang computer until the PC became popular. It was then that I developed the coordinate geometry program now known as QuickCogo. It was written for MSDOS since Windows was still on Microsoft’s drawing board. I began to market the software in 1989 through trade magazines and direct mail. The response was encouraging so I continued to promote and improve the program, developing the Windows version in 1994. I have also developed cogo programs for Palm and Pocket PC devices and recently added versions for smart phones and tablets in both iOS and android formats, all of which contain many of the same routines found in QuickCogo. After retiring from active practice I continued the software development from my home in South Jordan, Utah, which is about 20 miles Southwest of Salt Lake City. I enjoy keeping in touch with the profession through my involvement with the software and my relationships with a wide variety of users.

Jim Schuchert